How I Deprime My Brass

Depriming Cartridge Brass; in today’s video we will discuss how I deprime my brass cases. I will show the process on my technique to remove primers from fired cartridges.

LOB got onto me about not posting enough on this site. ????. So I will give it a shot. If I fail its his fault. ????. This is my latest Video.

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But, picking up brass is good exercise. Thats my excuse and reason for shooting. well, the “stated purpose”. Same nastiness weather wise here. Get a day to shoot, its wet and cold. Monday and Tuesday it was in the upper 70’s today its mid thirties and raining, of course. Its all good.. Only bad thing about dogs is we outlive them. Its not manufacturing, its recycling, according to fortunecookie45LC and I agree. I started sonic cleaning and probably am done with dry media as well. Thanks for the share!