My Experience Working For “Google And YouTube”

I work for Google And YouTube. My Experience? Are They Really Trying To Shape Peoples Thoughts… Is it really like investing in a house that is on fire?

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Buying a house on fire! That’s a great analogy Elvis. However, I see it a little differently…Posting on Y-Tube is liken to ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ . . . they have showed us their colors and they aren’t red, white & blue by a long shot! I like how Colonel Travis settled things at the Alamo…he drew a line in the sand, said, “If your with me, step across this line” and that was the end of that. For the future, as far as I am concerned…if a company is not Patriotic, if a company is against ‘anything’ that doesn’t… Read more »


Elvis, I have to say that moving to a more sympathetic platform makes a lot of sense…..Stability, Freedom and Quality are all important when promoting anything. Right, I’m going for a look, see you over there………..