Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor 500 & 650 Yards.

This was recorded a week ago.  I had went out and shot ten rounds off camera in the morning, and put all ten on target.
Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor 500 & 650 Yards. 5

I had a slight breeze, left to right for the first six shots, then it changed, right to left for the last four.  Filming at the thousand yard range is a pain.  I have to run down range and set up a camera, go back down and shoot, then go back and get the target cam.  This was the first time shooting this new load at 1k.  I just wanted to know how they shot at 1k, with out going through the video setup process.  I will have a 6.5 video at 1000yds up later in the week.

So, I had 10 rounds left and I filmed this video shooting 500 and 650 yards.

This load is shooting very well for me, averaging just over 2700fps.  I have loaded up another 40 with this load.

It is looking like this will be the load I will use for the trip to Utah next month.

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Geee…that’s good shooting. Are you loading these rounds? You might want to teach the fellas the art of loading for distance and accuracy too.