The True Pea Shooter! 300blk Round Ball Loads Suppressed! (Pew Pew Loads!)

A while back I wanted to see what the lightest bullet I could load in my 300 blk would be. I worked my way all the way down to a round ball load. Someone asked me if I was worried about a baffle strike with the round ball–I asked them, ” what do you think is going to happen, the bullet starts to tumble? Ha ha ha ha.” Anyways, after trying a couple of them, I found that they are hilariously quiet to shoot and everyone gets a kick out of hearing them whiz through the air. Soooooo, I made a bunch more and made a video about making them. They drop fast but seem to fly pretty straight. We were messing around and shooting them on steel at to 100 yards with about a foot and a half of drop. Just something different to enjoy. Oh, and I would love to test them on small critters like a squirrel or something. I bet they would work just fine. Any questions, feel free to post a comment.

Equipment Used:

RCBS Pro Melt
Lee .310 round ball mold
Hornady Lock N Load Press
Old 9mm ammo box plastic trays
Hornady Dies
Lee Universal Expander Die with NOE expander plug
Bullseye powder, S&B SR primers, Converted brass
CVA Scout Rifles
Silencerco Specwar762 Suppressor
Liberty Victory Magnum Suppressor

Music Used:

7th Floor Tango by Silent Partner

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I would love to have a suppressor but since I have no practical need for one, I can’t bring myself to cut the ATF a $200 check….guess I’m cheap!
These look like fun!


You guys are a seriously bad influence on me. Not like I need any help making poor decisions, I think my old Daisy spring powered BB gun made more noise than that! Thanks for the share, Sir Taco!

Eagle Eye Shooting
Eagle Eye Shooting

Love this idea. Lots of fun!

243 Outdoors
243 Outdoors

Very Cool. I had a 300BO AR Pistol that I traded last year. I need to put together a rifle upper.


Looks like fun….


That’s cool Taco…how fast are they & what is the weight?