30-06 Pistol 370 Yards with NOE311-175-FN Powder Coated Cast @2025fps!

Having fun lobbing lead! Bullets made with NOE311-175-FN (Saeco315 clone) mold. Powder from powderbuythepound.com Encore 30-06 with a pistol grip and vortex long eye relief scope. BHN of about 15.5-16 according to the Lee hardness tester, and alloy of 1 part hard (mix of linotype, monotype, and foundry) lead and 3 parts soft stained glass window lead if I remember right.

Heavy by Huma-Huma
Tobaggan by Silent Partner


You can purchase this mold, (with options of 2, 3, 4, or 5 cavities, brass or aluminum, with or with gas check) here:  https://amzn.to/2IxvCw6




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Really enjoy the videos! i have a question for you. Do you not worry about getting linotype hardness for your rifle bullets? Another though i had was since we are powder coating bullets, i wouldn’t think BHN would be as important since the coating is protecting the bullet? what do you think? I have been shooting 223 powder coated bullets and no gas checks and got no leading at all.


Hey Taco, looked on Amazon for the Unique Case Lube and they only show Hornady !
do I need to go else where to find it ?

243 Outdoors
243 Outdoors

Hornady makes the Unique lube.


Thanks, it said Hornady and Taco’s said Unique !


Fun Video, as always. Glad to see people using those primers, I really like them and have had good success
However I’ve only use the small and large pistol ones. I’ve also been seeing Elvis use the lower temps in the
powder coating and shorter times to. I need to try yours with timing them from when they start to shine !
This new Bacon Channel is different, but I think I’m getting the hang of it, a lot different than before.
Sounds like you had company on the range, heard other shooters.