Back Out With The 220 Swift.

So today I am back out for round two with the Swift. I am shooting my neighbor’s loads. He has been loading for decades. These are loads that he has loaded for the Swift in the past. The H380 load is a load he developed for this rifle in the past. One thing I noticed was the different brands of brass. I do realize that 220 brass is not that common and some of these pieces are pretty old. There were a couple things I would of done different in the loading of this ammo, but for the most part it’s good. Standard Deviations weren’t that great, So I just mentioned the averages. 4000fps is scootin’ for a 50g Bullet.

The rifle I am using today is the Winchester Model 70 Chambered in 220 Swift. Atop the rifle is a Vortex Golden Eagle 15-60×52 Scope. Shooting 100 yards on bipod and bad. Very light variable breeze.

Back Out With The 220 Swift. 5

I may be putting this scope on my 243 here shortly. I plan on taking it out west with me next month. I am also going to put the Viper on the 223.

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