Making 154gr Plinking Ammo For My Rossi92 and Revolvers in .357Mag

There are several kinds of ammo that we make.  Some ammo is for punching holes in paper, hunting, blowing up water jugs and watermelons, shooting at steel targets, super accurate match ammo, etc…  One type of ammo is “plinking ammo.”  What is plinking ammo?  For me, plinking ammo is ammo that I make in bulk that I shoot a lot of.  Plinking ammo for me should be accurate enough to hit the target I am intending on shooting.  It is the “accurate enough” type of ammo.  I like my plinking ammo to be in the light to mid level of recoil for the given cartridge.

In the video posted below, I go through the process of making lots of bullets, coating them, loading them, and firing them.  I cast the bullets using the NOE HTC358-154-RF bullet mold.  I load and shoot them in my 357 magnum levergun and revolvers.  Hope you enjoy the video!

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You can also purchase the mold here:

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Uncle Jim
Uncle Jim

Lol, I’ve reacted a little differently when a family member interupts a vid in progress. ????