‘Uncle Jim’ challenged my mind….he crossed the line !

Some say he’s crafty…innovative…a forward thinker…

…but, I say he invents stuff to play with my mind! Take for instance his latest video…

An easy way to cut jacketed bullets from range scrap for casting


In this video he shows his latest greatest invention to cut the jackets of range scrap so that they will not explode in the smelting pot…pretty good idea huh?

I say he invented this just to make me feel like a smuck for hammering and chiseling all day the week before to get my jacketed rounds ready for the pot! I even tried using my small pair of lock snappers…like he showed us previously….hmmmm… I wonder what that ole coot is really up to? Look at this pile of range scrap I had to work over wouldYa?

'Uncle Jim' challenged my mind....he crossed the line ! 3

Wham bang…ricocheting bullets, some even hit me in the bellybutton, thanks a lot Jim! Some of them went flying across the table saw. I’ll prolly never see those again! After an hour of this I got clued in…I’ll just get the old framing hammer and beat these puppies into submission…I’ll smash them until the jackets split open!

'Uncle Jim' challenged my mind....he crossed the line ! 5

At this point I’m exhausted and thinking at the same time…”I win, I busted those jackets open and I won’t have any bursting in the melt…hahaha…I’m good to go!” At the same time I’ve got a very sore arm and am almost deaf from all the hammering on the anvil in the shop!

It was after this that that crafty ole grey bearded gentleman slithered off to his shop to invent . . .

An easy way to cut jacketed bullets from range scrap for casting…

…’that’s where he crossed the line’…he knew I’d watch that video…he knew that my mind wouldn’t settle for what I had just been through again! He knew that I’d ‘mull’ on this problem and prolly start dreaming about a solution…I’m telling you that ‘EARRL & Elvis’ ain’t got nuttin on this ole sly critter! The pressure was on, I had to come up with a solution, no way was I going to run down to Harbor Freight and buy an arbor press…I can just hear that ole coot laughing and saying to himself…”What do you think your going to do with this stuff in the next picture? >

'Uncle Jim' challenged my mind....he crossed the line ! 7

Well…I’m tellin Ya Jim…I’m gonna invent something too! I’m going to do like the Chinese do . . . I’m going to ‘steal your idea’ ! Here’s a hint of where I’m going…see that line on the head of the bolt…I’m going to cross it now!

'Uncle Jim' challenged my mind....he crossed the line ! 9


After a bit-O-grinding I made the head of that bolt look like what Uncle Jim used on the bottom of that arbor press…’a chisel’ and decided that If I can’t make the chisel come to the bullet like Jim did with the arbor press…I’ll make the bullet come to the chisel…

'Uncle Jim' challenged my mind....he crossed the line ! 11


I used the bullet holder insert from the Lee BHN test kit to hold the round as I pulled it up to the chisel…I have to admit that I don’t have the same level of power with this old Rock Chucker that Jim has with the arbor press but, I have enough to make an easy slice into this FMJ .45 round.

'Uncle Jim' challenged my mind....he crossed the line ! 13

That smile on the right side of the bullet is all that’s required to let the molten lead out of the jacket as you stir the pot…the lightweight jackets will come to the top of the melt where you can dip them out of the soft lead left behind…and by the way, that lead from this pot was 7.8 BHN, outstanding lead to add a smidge of tin to for great Hollow Points.

I sacrificed a few more with thick jackets to see how well this would work…

'Uncle Jim' challenged my mind....he crossed the line ! 15

Now the Lee BHN test kit has a new chisel die, a ‘Jacket Buster’ in the storage box to keep it company! And…all thanks to ‘Uncle Jim’ that crafty and inventive ole coot somewhere up in the mountains of I dunnoh where.

'Uncle Jim' challenged my mind....he crossed the line ! 17

Ya know fellas…I can’t remember when I last hung out with a craftier bunch of fellas like yourselves. Content Creators, authors, inventors and all determined to make life a little easier in the Reloading Shop…dedicated to finding a better way and save a little time in doing so. Isn’t it great to be an American Handloader in The Reloaders Network?

“Good luck out there Boys…take it easy, be careful…don’t hurt yourselves!”

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James Pollard
James Pollard

You’re a crafty old coot . LOL


Love it!

Lever Action Gypsy
Lever Action Gypsy

Wow, amazing work! I’m gonna have to make me one too!


Now for me to steel as many of these ideas and tools as possible.


Golly, Charlie and Jim [and others] you guys are evil! Just when I get to feeling cocky about my methods and sneakiness, one of you posts something truly world class. This cut bullet deal is the worst. I used the chisel and hammer chop and chase method which ads to my daily exercise quota but is kinda silly once you see the light or me bending over to find them under the bench. Like I tell my young nieces and nephews when they play tricks on the old guy: “Age and treachery will triumph over youth and exuberance every time!”… Read more »

Uncle Jim
Uncle Jim

Hahaha! Stay tuned for today’s project! ( the bullet mold work station) great job and write up ! Our favorite thing it to repurpose with what we already have. BTW the boy ( who Is a fab monster) wanted to make a bullet crusher using gears! I said “lets keep it simple, we just need to shank a chisel “. ???? Besides he’s in the middle of fabbing a power hammer and a hot steel roller and I also want a big garden hose reel like a fire truck. ????
How do you like that Camp Chef burner?


Great, will check them out at HF.

243 Outdoors
243 Outdoors

The best tools are often built not bought. Nice work.