UltraSonic Range Brass Cleaning

Ok, folks. My first ever, yes “ever” public video. I use a vintage dental tool ultrasonic cleaner to clean cases when I get in from the range. I much prefer it to dry media tumbling, and, while I never tried wet pin tumbling, it looks like a lot of effort for a really nice job. I am cheap so this $25 buried on a top shelf used unit my gun shop had was cheaper than a batch of just the pins for the wet tumbler method.

It gets them nice and clean for resizing and processing. I just use cheap dish soap [detergent?] Gain brand from the Dollar Store. I tried Simple Green, but, for my money, dish soap works well. I’m not really interested in bright shiny blaster food, just clean to handle no goo cases. I tend to burn a lot of H110 and it seems to be nasty dirty stuff.

So, there you go, poor lighting, worse audio and mostly talking hands showing you how I do it.

I also have used this to degunk several AR bolt carrier groups.

And one filthy American Arms .22 semi auto pistol that had some severe fouling and humid storage issues. It cleaned it too well some paint like the red dot on the safety was lifted so beware of that if its really a cheap gun.

Ultrasonic cleaning is new to me this year so I ain’t no expert. Like all of us I am learning as I go.


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I use the wet method for my Snider , Martini-Henry and Webley brass because they are Black Powder loads and create a lot of gunk. I will be posting about my method of cleaning later but one thing I do at the range, immediately after shooting, is place all the fouled cases in a plastic bottle and add washing up liquid and hot water from a thermos flask. I give them a good shake to get the soap into all the nooks and crannies so when I get home and eventually put the cases in the cleaner the process doesn’t… Read more »