223 Rem, Hornady 68g Match; Varget, Accurate 2230

223 Rem, Hornady 68g Match; Varget, Accurate 2230 1

Good Morning Reloaders.  Today’s video is about the Hornady 68g Match BTHP Bullet.  I am loading them up with Varget and Accurate 2230.  I am using my Savage Axis 223.  I picked this rifle up over Christmas break for $157.  It had a $100 rebate that I received about a month later.  This rifle has a EGW 20 MOA base.  First I put on a Sightron SiH-TAC 3-9×40 scope.  I have recently put a Vortex Viper 6-24×50 on it.  This is the first time out with the Viper.

223 Rem, Hornady 68g Match; Varget, Accurate 2230 3

I reached a thousand yards with this gun about a week after I got it, shooting the Hornady 73g ELD’s.  I tried almost every powder I could get my hands on for this bullet.  I decided on the Varget load.  I shot an amazing group at 500 then took them out to 1k, getting 4 hits.  These 73’s are more designed for a faster twist, like 1-7 or 1-8.  They did stabilize in my 1-9 with a 22″ barrel.  In my opinion they shot okay, but not great.  I did try them in my AR with a 1-9 twist and a 16″ barrel, and they was all over the place, even key holing a few.

223 Rem, Hornady 68g Match; Varget, Accurate 2230 5

These 68g bullets are more in line with my twist rate.  The Hornady Load Data only goes up to the 60g bullet, so for my data I used the 223 Service Rifle Data, which is basically a 5.56 load.  I did reach some pressure in this video.  So extreme caution should be used.  The best group I had, was a 1/2 inch group with the 2230.  This video was recorded about 2 weeks ago.

223 Rem, Hornady 68g Match; Varget, Accurate 2230 7

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Considering the wind, not shabby. Rifle didnt seem to like varget tho. They get finicky. if you havent tried it, consider H4895. Low pressure but great velocity. Darn near scoop a case full and load it. Not exaggerating lol! It gets pressure up but also consider xbr 8208. Both of these do well in my AR. Your bolt gun should do fine. Both of these are small kernel stick. They meter nicely. Not sure what chamber you have in the axis. I”m guessing standard 223? My AR’s i’m running maximum pressures. Not so much because i “gotta have speed”, the… Read more »