A Hard Discussion – Determining BHN for the Powder Coated Cast Lead Hollow Point Bullet Test

(The original version of this video was posted to YouTube on March 21, 2017.)

This is the seventh video in the Powder Coated Cast Lead Hollow Point Bullet Testing series, which is a long experiment testing powder coated cast lead hollow point bullets made from various alloys and fired at various velocities.

In this video I have a little fun using various methods to measure the hardness of the lead alloys used to cast the bullets that will be used for this test.

You can purchase the Lee Precision Lead Hardness Test Kit here: https://amzn.to/2IU98Vr

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Consolidated test results:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Tb_gBX5ALiPbMYg_qdvBiUV-fNaLln0r18MIqJXTjrM/edit?usp=sharing




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James, this is hands down the very best video I’ve ever seen discussing this BHN matter. Your series testing HP’s is the best also…I think you’ve found your calling in life!
For ‘old eyes’ like mine I have to use a red marks a lot to color the cast where I indent it, it is very easy to see the crater’s (dimple) edge and measure it. > [imgcomment image[/img]


Oh no! I am hearing impaired and need closed captioning. Haven’t seen where to enable the cc like in YouTube? Thanks!


When dropping the bullets, it would probably be better if you used a tube of some sort to keep them impacting on a similar spot.