Finalizing the Satterlee load (Part 3)

Settling on a final load…

So fellow handloaders who are following me on this Satterlee Load Development.  I went out and tested in .1gr increments to see what groups better. Weather temp plays an affect on your loads and here’s and example in my video. I may start separating my data between summer loads and winter loads.

My outcome:

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Here’s a great video from 6.5 Guys in which Scott Satterlee himself explain’s his load development

-thanks to Charlie BrassStuffer for sharing!


The OCW “Round Robin” mentioned here differs from the “Round Robin” testing I’ve performed using Jason Banes method (Read about Jason Banes Round Robin HERE) which focuses on vertical dispersion at long range where ES and SD numbers can affect POI at ranges such as 1K. As you can see from 6.5 guys chart ES numbers can affect shots that are on target or a miss:

Finalizing the Satterlee load (Part 3) 1
Credit to 6.5 Guys


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