The Handling of Hornady Bulk Brass

We’re expecting to get Hornady front line brass, but instead get bulk packaged white box brass that has irregular out of round case mouths, body dents and possible inconsistencies. How do we handle this?

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Greg La Roche
Greg La Roche

I recently got a hundred rounds of new 47-70 starlight brass in a bulk plastic bag . I took for granted it was all to spec..Now I need to have a good look.. Quite a few had dented mouths, that I didn’t worry too much about. So what is happening? Are factory seconds finding there way to market? Thanks for the heads up and good to see you on your new channel. Good luck!



Hi F.C. Does the diagram found in a reloading manual, show the minimum or maximum case length? ex. .223 Remington 1.760.