MDT LSS Chassis Build, .308 Short Barrel

Good afternoon everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, spending some time with friends and family!

I had a customer stop in the other day and bring me a Remington 700 (.308) with a short 20″ thin sport barrel. However, he had a very nice MDT Chassis! I’ve seen them before, but never had a chance to really take a close look and play around with it.

As we move through this build process, it’s going to give me a chance to take her out for some shots and give me a better idea of how I like (or don’t like) them. First impressions are good however.

I’ll be posting here as the build moves forward, and I’ll be sure to include some videos of the process posted here and on Follow along if this interests you!

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Kyle Lusk said I needed to look you up…so I’m subscribed and ‘lookin’! I like this type of video because even us old porch dogs need to learn something new…Ya, I’m walnut & blue steel but when I was young…that’s all there was…I like ‘black’ too.

Patric Stephens
Patric Stephens

there are really nice chassis just got my ESS this past friday and i am really pleased with it fit is 100% no problems at all