Coffee Chat / Channel Update / Utah Trip

Time for a little coffee chat.

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Just finished a 6.5 Grendel build with a 28″ barrel. Do you think this would be doable at these distances ?

The Reloading Press
The Reloading Press

Great chat brother. I can still see your excitement about that shoot. You did an amazing job. Great plug for TRN. Have an awesome weekend.


I hope that you will attend next year. You know they are still talking about this ‘Wildcard kid’ from back east & his $400 rifle! I think we should get behind our members here @ TRN and do our best to help them to attend events like this one. Perhaps Loads of Bacon will figure that part out & I’d like to offer $100 towards next years trip whether or not our Network responds or not. I enjoyed all this immensely and look forward to all your videos and articles. I love long range shooting but it’s really difficult for… Read more »