Ruger LCP 2 – Banjo Picker’s Pocket Pistol

The Ruger LCP 2 is a .380 chambered light carry pistol. It has a single action feel and shorter trigger reset than it’s predecessor the LCP 1 and is therefore easier to make hits with.

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Loads of Bacon
Loads of Bacon

I still have the original Kel-Tec P3AT. I’ve thought about upgrading to a Ruger, but it’s still a .380….

The Range Squirrel
The Range Squirrel

That’s good shooting!
My wife has an LCP2 that she lets me carry on Sundays. It’s a nice size for pocket carry in a sticky holster without having a cover garment.
I like the trigger, although I prefer a old school DA/SA. I understand it is the basis for the Security 9, but have not been able to handle one yet.