Taurus 689 Load Development Part 3 and Hornady L-N-L Full Setup

Taurus 689 Load Development Part 3

In this video we try to make up for previous failures by loading up some glorious .38 Specials.

(The outro to the video was lost so pardon the crude exit.)



Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages (well most ages),

I have begun posting on UGETube. I am starting off with the Taurus 689 Load Development series. There are 5 videos in this series spanning quite an array of folly, misfortune, and lamentation. I would be honored if you would take a step back with me to the first videos I posted on YouTube. I am going to continue to upload my catalog onto UGETube as the weeks go by. I am not abandoning YouTube; however, I do believe UGETube is my preferred alternative and I will probably not be updating BitChute any further. As this process continues, I will be posting links here on the glorious Reloaders Network.

Oh, and I almost forgot, The Reloading Press now has a Facebook Page and an Instagram account:



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Lynn Krueger
Lynn Krueger



Yup…dedicated…that’s the ticket. Though I have all the shell plates for all the pistol and rifle calibers in the stable, I’ve found that leaving it set-up for the ‘most used’ caliber at the moment is the fast way to go. Right now it’s the .45ACP here because of so much demand from practice but as things go that’ll change and it’s nice to have the set-ups to fill the need for any caliber in volume as you need them. I know you said that the LnL powder throw is your favorite but here’s what will happen later on…I suppose it… Read more »


I have found that when all the adjustments are done and I start the run, this occurs…inserting the first cases prior to the powder throw being actuated the powder in the metering hole of the throw is is ‘settling’ and from the vibrations of processing the first 2 or 3 cases (depending on the placement of the throw) anyway that first drop will be .2~.3’ths heavier. I automatically reject the first throw on that account and proceed on. It’s amazing how those little vibrations will settle the powder in the metering hole, just like tapping the hopper to settle the… Read more »