My First Bullet Casting Session – Part One

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It’s great to see another expanding his skill set…you’ll be happy you did and the learning curve ain’t that tough. You sure have a great voice for narrating your videos.
You might take a look at this little article I wrote some time ago…might help on your next session?
Ok I’m ready for part II.


Another welcome to casting! I’m a noob myself. Only about 6 months under my belt.
Warning: expect your mold inventory to expand….FAST! Not a bad thing lol.
I’m casting for about 5 calibers now. Already moved into pc’ing as well.
Loving the savings on bullets for sure since I get my lead from tire shops for a great deal.

Bigger behind the trigger
Bigger behind the trigger

First of all welcome to the casting family. You will find out how much fun it is to shoot bullets you make yourself. All the guys that you mentioned are the best in the business for casting. You need to watch Elvis Ammo. He is the one that got me into powder coating. Plus he is just one hell of a guy. Fourtune Cookie 45 LC is another one that really knows his business. I watch all of the guys videos on casting and powder coating. They have taught me a lot. I love Uncle Jim. His videos are great… Read more »