Making 133 gr. 9mm Plinking Ammo!

Hey guys!
Been a little since I made a “start to finish” video–and finally caught my breath a little from the busyness of summer, enough to throw together a video.  I was actually searching my channel for my 9mm plinking ammo video a week or two ago, when I realized I never ended up editing the footage and making it, so the video did not exist.  I decided to remedy that and finish my video.  This video shows the process for making my 9mm plinking ammo.  I use this ammo in everything from a MAC11 clone, 9mm AR15, down to my “regular” handguns like my Beretta 92fs and Glock 19 etc…  I usually go with either about 4.2 gr of Unique or 3.5 gr of HP-38 and that NOE 133gr round nosed bullet for my plinker 9mm loads.  In this video, I happen to be using my HP-38 load.  Enjoy!  I hope to be putting out a status update video soon as well as a Sub 2000 giveaway or is that a 2000 sub giveaway??? (exclusive to The Reloaders Network).  Exciting times ahead my friends!


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Hey Taco, I really want one of the 9mm AR’s. So much so I’m even checking out the High Power !
Good to see your videos in my in box again 🙂

Bigger behind the trigger
Bigger behind the trigger

I would love to get a smooth sided 230 gn .452 mold. I’m getting sick of my Lee 6 cavity mold. Number 4 always sticks. It take a half a hour to get it out. I have rubbed cotton around the cavity to see if their are ant burrs that usually works. I have made thousands of bullets from it I just skip number 4. So I’m sure the warranty is no good. I should give them a call. It’s only $37.00 but I have been strapped for cash since I am the only money maker in the house. My… Read more »


That looks to be the perfect profile for feeding an autoloader. I’ve been using the truncated cone tumble lube model by Lee…it’s sorta ok but my HighPower won’t have anything to do with it, 92F tolerates it. Guess that I’ll have to get one of those moulds you have they seem to be the perfect cast for powder coating. Up until now I’ve tried to collect moulds with traditional lube grooves as I have lubrasizers also, it’s nice to have the option in the face of ‘circumstances out of our control’…if you get my drift? I like how our videos… Read more »