TRN Author Live Stream this Saturday (July 21)

I will be hosting a Live Stream with several of the authors from The Reloaders Network this Saturday, July 21, at:
8 PM Eastern
7 PM Central
6 PM Mountain
5 PM Pacific

I hope to see you there!

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Uncle Jim
Uncle Jim

Who’s going to be on ? Can you slack me instructions how to multi chat on hangouts? (Invite) I want to do one with Timothy and and later some others. They won’t be normal, I can guarantee you that. ?


You need need to join in UJ 🙂
And so does Taco !!


I know I keep harping on about the time difference – 8 pm Eastern is 2 am here in France.
How about setting up a future Live Stream at say 5:30 or maybe 6 pm Eastern then I could join in as could any other members over on this side of the pond……….