Pistol Load Workups . . . part 2 . . . The Lyman T-Mag II

If you made it through Pistol Load Workups . . . . part one . . . . a response to Nathan @ The Reloading Press , then you are ready to see the actual workup on my Lyman T-Mag II Turret Press. The Turret Press is one of the most versatile presses one can have in the Reloading Room. For many years I ran production on this press before I moved into the LnL for high production. If I had never gotten into private weekly shooting with some 1911 fans I would never have needed more than the Turret Press to supply all my pistol/revolver needs.

The following video is as complete as I can make it considering ‘this particular’ load workup where I am targeting a specific load and major power factor round. It is for daily practice, yet it will be ‘real world representative’ of using a defensive load. If your workups are for target scoring primarily, then you will change a few parameters in your load workup and in the following production of your loads. However, if you are making ‘plinking loads’ and want to pay attention to their accuracy and consistency, this video will give you some helpful insight into pistol/revolver handloading technique.

Stay tuned for Part 3, the testing of this first round of workups. We will see the FPS, ES & SD numbers along with grouping fired freehanded…we can discuss where the load workup must go from there.

“Take it easy boys…it’s dang hot out there in most of the Country, stay hydrated as you practice, practice, practice…&…above all, watch that 6, be careful & don’t hurt yourselves!”

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Thomas Pickering
Thomas Pickering

I looked at #3 before I went back to #1 and this one. Good stuff, especially for a novice like me! Thanks for your efforts and presentation.