Shooting 38 Spl and 357 Mag loaded with 133 grn “9mm” NOE bullet

(This video was posted to YouTube on June 28, 2017)

I recently cast up a bunch of bullets with my new NOE HTC358-133-RN mold for 9mm. These bullets cast at an average of 134 grains with my alloy. I have sized these to .358″, and today I decided to test them from my 4″ Taurus Model 66 loaded in both 38 special and 357 magnum.

Click here for the Eastwood Lime Green powder

The bullet mold at NOE:  HTC358-133-RN mould

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This mold arrived today. Got it scrubbed and I’m heat cycling it on the stove right now. Went with Lee handles on this one…much cheaper than other options and they seem to fit great.
Maybe I’ll cast some up tomorrow…
I also got a countertop stove with convection, way larger than normal toaster ovens so I can do some big batches and have more steady temperatures.

Uncle Jim
Uncle Jim

A good way to make more use out of one mold. Just like magazines. ?


Mister bacon sir I just wanted to let you know that target was in great shape except for that hole in the middle but didn’t worry that ain’t nothing you can’t fix with a little duct tape!?? great video thanks!


‘Bout to say did ya forget the gunpowder in the first couple of loads…LOL… Last ones were better…good shooting!

I just shoot either Remington 125 SJHP 357 Mag rounds or my recreation with the Remington Brass, primers, and bullets over 11.7 of Shooter’s World Major Pistol. Love it in my Taurus 66.