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As Shakespeare would say , me thinks you protesteth to much. You do not have to explain . Anyone with a halfpennyworth of sense can see the distance. Let them rattle on. Don’t bother with them. “Bad quote coming up” don’t give them more ammunition. You dont need to.
Keep up the good work!


I’m new to the Reloaders Network.com, so seeing whose putting out a video and commenting for me it will take some time; not all videos will be for everyone even if they reload. Right now, I am into rifle reloading than pistols! I will fall back into pistols after I settle this rifle thing going on in me.; the 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 Grendel. I back to school come September 1st next three months, very little time to do any shooting. Thanks, Rudy F.


Hey, no need to reply, enjoy your videos or I wouldn’t be watching 🙂
If you say it’s 40 yards, it’s 40 yards. Maybe people are jealous of your shooting !


Thing is if you were lying about the range, Who are you really lying to, Me or You? you seem like a competitive guy that enjoys challenges. that is my take on your video.


Hey Dave, looked up that lube-sizer, it is a bit $$$. Where did you get the bullet feeder ?