Lee Case Collator Mod with Lee Multitube Adaptor Decapping 9MM

First, let me apologize for the truly horrid audio of the last half of the video.

Lee Universal Decaper using Lee Case Collator and Lee Multitube Adaptor for the Lee Bullet Feeder. Decapping a couple hundred 9MM brass from the morning at the range.

The Disk in the hopper keeps you from dropping cases directly into the tubes of the hopper you need space for cases to fit under it.  I get the occasional case upside down but, for my use, it doesn’t matter. This greatly speeds up hand feeding the Lee Classic 4 Hole Turret Press for decapping compared to picking the cases from a bowl.

The disk details are not important just so it deflects cases from dropping into the holes directly it seemed to work while I was zeroing on the final product, which is not shown.

The tubes on mine hold approximately 22 9MM cases each for a total of 88. I usually run from one tube until I finish whats in  the hopper and then rotate the tubes to get at the rest. Block the open tube bottom when filling the tubes or you will be chasing cases that escape.

I always wash my brass when I get it home to capture and control the dust from shooting. I just dump them into my Scooter Drive Tumbler, cover with water, a short squirt of Blue Dawn and tumble about 20 minutes, rinse and dry then decap. Once decapped I pin tumble them in my Scooter Drive Tumbler for a couple hours with water to cover, a similar volume of SS pins, Rinse and dry for ready to size cases. They look absolutely new.

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Great idea to feed the de-priming step.

For 9mm in that hopper a penny can prevent most upside down cases. Drill about an 1/8″ hole in the center of the penny and screw it into the center of the hopper with a sheet metal screw.