6.5CM Better Velocites with CCI 450 Small Rifle Primer & IMR4451

Gaining Velocities

Still a work in progress…

Those who have been following my Load Development in my Savage Engage 110 Desert Tactical chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor have seen my previous velocities barely peeking over 2630 FPS with Remington 7 1/2 SRP behind IMR 4451. I’m using fire-formed Starline SRP brass as the control subject here, and changed the primers to CCI 450 magnum primers. To my surprise, I achieved a good velocity jump. Optical Chrono’s have been known to lie, so later, once this load development is completed, I’ll test it out at long-range and compare calculated ballistic drop to actual dope.

Any suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated. The groups today showed some weird stringing/flyers with a couple of promising nodes.

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Precision reloading can be a lot of work trying to find a load that works with your 6.5 CM rifle. I was seeing what things will work using a 123 grains bullet using IMR 4350 two range sessions both days the temperature 56 degrees, but the results on those days five days apart gave me totally different readings: day one velocity 2662, 2776, 2770, 2778, 2782, and 2827. Day two velocities as follows: 2705, 2774, 2788, 2735, 2864, and 2858. Everything was the same from powder charge to the cases…the only thing that was different the day of the week… Read more »


It seems to me that .0025 off the land is quite a bit. It seems like a lot of shooters try to be as close to the land as possible. I am still new to all this so what do I know. Thanks tom