Melting & Processing 500+ Pounds of Lead Into Ingots

For this video, Evan decided that I needed some help finishing up all that lead melting–so he volunteered to come help me finish processing my scrap into ingot form. I Had a lot of lead, and it took a lot of time to process it–but it was exciting and relaxing all at the same time. Evan had a new scrap lead processing setup that he wanted to test out, so we go over his setup briefly in the video. I used my typical setup with a Harbor Freight weed burner torch (man I love that thing!!!) Whether it’s roasting yellow jackets, melting lead in a dutch oven, or starting my coals for a BBQ–that Harbor Freight torch has really paid for itself with how much I’ve used it. I won’t spoil the video, so I will end my blabbering here, but will include links to the stuff we used in the video:

My torch: torch
My 12″ dutch oven: 12″ Dutch Oven
NOE 1 LB Ingot Moulds: 1 LB Mould
NOE 2 LB Ingot Moulds: 2 LB Mould
NOE 4 LB Ingot Moulds: 4 LB Mould
LEE 1 / 1/2 LB Ingot Moulds: LEE Ingot Mould
Evan’s Turkey Fryer: Turkey Fryer

Gimme Back My Ya Ya by Dan Lebowitz
Lazy River Rag by Dan Lebowitz
Casey Don’t You Fret by Dan Lebowitz
Birds In Flight by Dan Lebowitz


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Backyard Inventor
Backyard Inventor

Well I’d say that’s a good days work there, been thinking (Again!) is to take a deep pot and make it a bottom pour for doing ingots. Just one more thing to do, good work guys and may the wind blow the right way for a melt.

Loads of Bacon
Loads of Bacon

I’ve used a slotted spatula before, but the modified ladle looks far more effective.


Great job on the video Taco. My question would be. Between the hard and soft lead ingots. How do you come up with your formula for the right mix for casting the bullets??? Did I say that right? Thanks for your hard work and great informative videos.


Hey Taco, another great video. I recognize that bluish and purple look in the lead, I melt mainly pure lead from the recycle place I go. Just finished not to long ago some of your lab lead, 250 lbs. That flat or rolled up type of lead is my favorite.. I’ve also noticed the thicker the muffin pans the faster you can dump them out. All that lead was an awesome sight 🙂
PS: Are you on the Bacon chat on Sat. ?

Cliff Miller
Cliff Miller

Did you think Evan’s burner put out more heat than the weed burner (I have one of those!) Also, Evan’s ladle with the holes seemed to work great and it looked like you could use it to drip shot for shotgun shells?


I really enjoyed your video. At this time I load coated cast bullets that I buy and I keep thinking it would be fun to cast and coat my own. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us.