The Pickering Chronicles #15 – For the Georgia Crowd

“Bad weather always looks worse through the window.”
– Tom Lehrer

Here’s the view out my window this morning, October 1, 2018 — “Range Day.” Stop sniveling, you Georgia boys; pull up your sox and put on some boots.

The Pickering Chronicles #15 - For the Georgia Crowd 1
Range Day in Calgary

You think this’ll hold up a Canuck, eh? Hah!

Thomas Pickering

P.S. – Trying to get some writing together for TRN. I just put a Lyman Tang sight on my Marlin1895 (in 45-70) and have some tips for anyone who might want to do the same. It’s a good product, but comes with lousy/incomplete instructions. More later . . .


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Looking pretty cold out there Thomas ? from a Georgia Boy.

Uncle Jim
Uncle Jim

Looks like just a dusting. LOL you need to do vids too buddy.

Eagle Eye Shooting
Eagle Eye Shooting

Haha love it! Rain is not an excuse. That’s what’s a easy up is for lol. Can’t beat the snow.