How far can you shoot a 22lr? Can you actually hit something with it?

How far have you shot a 22lr? In this video we show a little of what it takes to shoot a 22lr at 800 yards.

Some things you might need.

1: 22lr. ammo. The better the ammo the better your odds.

2: An accurate rifle.

3: Lots of elevation adjustment. We had 260 MOA rails made.

4: A really good spotter. Those little impacts are pretty hard to see at 800 yards.

5: A whole heck of a lot of luck!!!!!

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That light gray dust/soil is a real asset for spotting, isn’t it?

243 Outdoors
243 Outdoors

As soon as the crops get out, I am planning on a 500 yard shot with mine.

Bigger behind the trigger
Bigger behind the trigger

Great shooting
Looks like you got yourself a future Marine sniper on your hands.