Sig Kilo 1200 Range Finder

A quick look at the Sig Sauer Kilo 1200 Range Finder. This is an easy to use, ready out of the box range finder.  It’s advertised max ranges are 600 yards for deer, 700 yards for trees, and 1600 yards on reflective targets. I have ranged building at close to 1500 yards. This range finder exceeded my expectations. It will be a great addition to my range bag.

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Amazon has it for $152.95. Is that about right ?
Are you going to follow up with a review latter ?


Great review. One suggestion, when your range finder is not in use remove the battery. Left one in mine for an extended period and the battery leaked and ruined mine, and of course I only found out at the range. Thanks for the great post.


I enjoy your videos but I’d like to suggest that you turn your radio off when filming from your truck. It’s somewhat distracting.
Keep up the good work.