Copper Bullets & Stupid Bucks

WARNING GRAPHIC: In this video a deer is shot and harvested.

This video is sponsored by:
P eople for the
E ating of
T asty
A nimals

In this video Preacher’s Day Off joined me on a deer management hunt for does on an organic farm that has an over populated herd in a CWD area. We have depredation tags that allow us to hunt with modern guns once archery season opens.

Please check out Preacher’s day off and his video he shot during his hunt.

We had a great hunt and as soon as the wind slowed the deer came out and we doubled fifteen minutes apart.

Today I used a:
POF AR-10 Warhog in .308
Starline Brass Loaded with Hornady165g GMX & 46g of PFE 223
Sig Sauer SRD762-QD Supressor
Primary Arms ACSS 4-14X44 Optic

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Deer are just evil amd knew you did not have a Buck tag.

Look was like where did Sally go?

The Range Squirrel
The Range Squirrel

That was a good clean kill, with acrobatics to boot. If I was buying a ready to go AR, the POF line is very featureful. On your SD cards. I’m not sure how much of a geek you are, I used to do a bit of computer repair and have long used SpinRite disk recovery and maintenance utility. I set up a Win98 DOS virtual machine (SpinRite boots from a FreeDOS imag on CD or thumbdrive or one can run it in MS-DOS) and map the SD card on the host computer to the VM. The process, which I have… Read more »