YouTube is continuing their purge of our videos

YouTube is continuing their purge of bullet casting videos.  Apparently these videos violate the YouTube guidelines and “policies on content featuring firearms”.

YouTube is continuing their purge of our videos 1

I received an email today from YouTube informing me that they had deleted one of my videos.  In their words, “Upon review, we’ve determined that it violates our guidelines and we’ve removed it from YouTube.”  I’ll include the entire email at the end of the post.

This is the second video of mine that they have deleted.  Both, apparently, violate their “content featuring firearms” guidelines, but neither has resulted “in a Community Guidelines strike or penalty” on my account.  The previous video was deleted 11 days ago.  You can read more about that here:  YouTube Deleted My Video

Just like with the previous video, there is no mention of any specific way in which their guidelines were violated.  Also just like my previous video, this was a short “teaser” version of a casting video. There were no firearms. There was nothing related to the sale of firearms. The “teaser” video did not provide any instruction on the manufacture of anything.

For those interested, here’s the link to the post with the full video:  .45ACP – Hollow Point Casting and Powder Coating with the MP 452-200 Mold

And here’s a link to a copy of the short version that YouTube deleted:

And, just like before, they mentioned what I believe their true intent is:  “We appreciate your taking the time to review your channel and remove any content that may be subject to enforcement of our policies going forward.”  They want us to voluntarily remove anything that they might possibly object to in the future.

Mine was not the only video deleted today.

Thorsaxe had a video deleted today about casting the Russian fragmenting shotgun slug.  That’s his second video deleted.  RogerRevo has his second casting video deleted today.  As I covered in the previous post, there have been several, and I expect this trend will continue.

Once again I want to thank all of you! Your encouragement and support made it possible to get The Reloaders Network off the ground, and now our community of shooters, casters, reloaders, and firearms enthusiasts has a place to post and view content regardless of what YouTube decides to do.

The 15 recently deleted “firearms content” videos I am tracking at the moment:

  • 314299 Shooting Channel – a video about casting with the 7/8 ounce Lee shotgun slug mold
  • Britishmuzzleloaders – a video about reloading the .303
  • TATV Canada – a video about casting with a Lee 6-cavity mold
  • WiederladerTv – a video about casting hollow point bullets with the MP mold
  • elvis ammo – a video about getting started in casting for $80; also had a channel strike a couple months ago for his video about creating your own black powder
  • Johnny’s Reloading Bench – at least 3 videos; the video about his AR-10 lower build, plus a couple of casting videos, one of which resulted in a  channel strike
  • Thorsaxe – his Casting Russian fragmenting slugs video and a Casting with a Lee 6-cavity mold video
  • RogerRevo – “Sprue Metal Draw Down” and “Casting .50 caliber Maxi-Balls”
  • My 2 “teaser” videos about casting hollow points

Please mention in the comments any other deleted videos you become aware of due to “content featuring firearms”.  And please, content creators, back up all of your work, and make preparations now for where your videos will be hosted should you lose the option of YouTube.

YouTube is continuing their purge of our videos 3

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How would it be construed if Twitter would simply pass a guideline that “No US President can Tweet…” After all, the platform belongs to Dorsey, Glass, Stone and Williams – they can do anything they want with their platform – right?? And the guidelines can be conveniently removed at their future bidding. — Steve

Uncle Jim
Uncle Jim

Are all these channels monetized ? I could see complaining about it “IF” one wasn’t paid for using Yutube and or using teasers to direct people to sites that goes against thier policy . Google/YouTube , Facebook, Amizon , are all liberal owned and corrupt as hell. Don’t use Them AT ALL if it bothers you .

The whining is getting old! ??


It’s hard to find the words anymore to describe YouTube. It makes me feel like were living in a communist country, and that is really sad.
I guess that we no longer have a lot of what we use to call freedom !!


Everyone needs to report ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and report their featured video every day. Multiple times on the weekends to trigger a channel shut down. Encourage others to do the same.

Uncle Jim
Uncle Jim

Good idea, anything lib or unAmerican. It better that whining about it. ?


… Your next video sound track:

“Damn it feels good to be a Gangsta !”

Thomas Pickering
Thomas Pickering

Every Member and Author of TRN should be encouraged to make a Comment to ALL the Channels they follow that have content suitable for TRN; that Comment should advertise TRN directly to the Channel providers, and indirectly to every other viewer of those Channels. James, I suggest you produce a short written or video plea to all within your reach to do just that.

It looks like you started this venture none too soon. It can only grow from strength to strength.


Funny how they say “Hi Thorsaxe” Like “Hows it going”? I’m like “You Took down my Video,, Hows it going with you”? You demonize our videos and that steals Money from me, again”Hows it going with you”?

Bigger behind the trigger
Bigger behind the trigger

I thought that they took my channel down because I couldn’t get on my youtube channel. I tried on 2 different cellphones. Turns out that they had some technical issues. I need to learn how to put a link to my videos on the Reloaders network from my teaser videos. I don’t want to lose my channel. Sorry they took down one of your videos. I think they are on a head hunt for the heavy hitters on YouTube. Thank you for starting the Reloaders network and I’m glad I was there for the start of it. You have something… Read more »