6.5 Creedmoor 140gr ELD – Satterlee Round Robin Load Development. Start to Finish

Howdy Handloaders!

So I summarized the SatterLee load development for my Savage 110 in 6.5CM. Adding in the Round Robin can help really point to what ladder charges will be best for your rifle. Both these techniques are velocity based. Satterlee relies on chrono readings, Round Robin relies on good steady shot placement down at your applied range with gravity as a constant. Enjoy!

Below is the Satterlee Method performed on the 30-06 cartridge:

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Good results! Did you measure your OAL and CBTO?


Glad to see the new scope is working out. I ordered the same one yesterday !
Hope the scope works good at even longer ranges.
Thanks for the help in getting some good 6.5 Creedmore loads 🙂


I think the closer you get to the lan the better your accuracy will be. I am not positive but I think master piece arms sets to .001 off the lan. Great video and very informative. Thanks tom