My Third Deleted Casting Video

Violation of Guidelines

Once again I have received an email from YouTube informing me that they have deleted one of my videos. In their words, “Upon review, we’ve determined that it violates our guidelines and we’ve removed it from YouTube.” As before, I’ll include the entire email at the end of the post.

This is now the third video of mine that they have deleted in less than three weeks. All three, apparently, violate their “content featuring firearms” guidelines. None has resulted “in a Community Guidelines strike or penalty” on my account.

You can read more about my first deleted video here:  YouTube Deleted My Video
And you can read more about my second deleted video here:  YouTube is continuing their purge of our videos
Just like with the previous videos, the email I received yesterday from YouTube did not mention any specific way in which their guidelines were violated. Also just like the previously deleted videos, this was a short “teaser” version of a casting video. There were no firearms. There was nothing related to the sale of firearms. The “teaser” video did not provide any instruction on the manufacture of anything. For those interested, here’s the link to the post with the full video:  Ladle Pour Casting the Lyman 429244

Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain

I am not letting you know in order to whine about some great injustice done to me. I have expected these types of actions from YouTube for more than a year now. It was in October 2017 that I announced that all of my videos could be found on shut down a couple months later in December, and immediately I started uploading all of my videos to BitChute. The actions of YouTube are certainly upsetting, but my intention is to inform everyone of what is actually going on. YouTube has been active against the firearms community (and several other communities) for more than a year now, and many users are not aware of it. YouTube will do whatever they want, but I want you, the viewers, the community, and the other channels to be aware of what is going on so that you can make informed decisions. I love this community and the content and conversations that come with it, and I’d hate to see YouTube silence most of it because folks are unaware of what’s going on behind the curtain.

I don’t have definitive proof, but I suspect YouTube is purging our content “quietly”. They have adjusted their strategy. They’re taking their time — spacing it out so as to not create a panic that is loud enough for the masses to pay attention to. Notice that they are issuing very few community guidelines strikes even though they claim the policies have been violated. This also keeps the panic much quieter.

I’ve also noticed on my channel, and heard from several others, that “viewership” over the last several months is much lower than expected. I believe this is a result of “notifications”, “suggested videos” and “search results” being toyed with. My channel now has double the YouTube subscribers it did 10 months ago, but I’m averaging less than half the views. If it was just me that would be one thing, but I’m hearing the same report from many channels.

Some have suggested we try and figure out who is flagging our videos. I’m not convinced that that will really help. The flaggers could be part of the YouTube Trusted Flaggers Program. YouTube employs some extremely left-leaning organizations as part of that program such as the Southern Poverty Law Center. The “who” of the flagging interests me, but it’s a minor issue. The flaggers are merely doing the bidding of YouTube. It is YouTube that is deciding to erase bullet casting (and other) content. IDing the flaggers won’t stop that, and it won’t keep anyone’s channel or content safe from being removed.

If you are interested in how the flagging and Community Guidelines enforcement program works, here’s a link to a page titled YouTube Community Guidelines Enforcement. Here’s a couple of interesting quotes from that page. “Reviewers evaluate flagged videos against all of our Community Guidelines and policies, regardless of why they were originally flagged. Flagging a video does not necessarily result in it being removed. Human flagged videos are removed for violations of Community Guidelines once a trained reviewer confirms a policy violation.” “[T]rained reviewers and systems are critical to ensure we only act on videos that violate our policies.”

“The Good Sensor” has No Integrity

One of my largest grievances against any person or organization has always been a lack of integrity. Just three days ago Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, wrote a blog post titled A Final Update on Our Priorities for 2018. In that post she covered a number of topics, and one of those topics was how horrible and impactful some proposed legislation is that the European Union will be voting on in a few months. (She mentions Article 13, but Article 11 is also very impactful. The European Union, through this legislation, is going to destroy the Internet in Europe, and it will have global implications as well.) I am glad that she, the CEO of YouTube, is addressing this nasty, evil legislation publicly, but listen to some of her words.

“All of this is possible because of the creative economy powered by you. However, this growing creative economy is at risk, as the EU Parliament voted on Article 13, copyright legislation that could drastically change the internet that you see today.

Article 13 as written threatens to shut down the ability of millions of people — from creators like you to everyday users — to upload content to platforms like YouTube. And it threatens to block users in the EU from viewing content that is already live on the channels of creators everywhere. This includes YouTube’s incredible video library of educational content, such as language classes, physics tutorials and other how-to’s.

This legislation poses a threat to both your livelihood and your ability to share your voice with the world. And, if implemented as proposed, Article 13 threatens hundreds of thousands of jobs, European creators, businesses, artists and everyone they employ. The proposal could force platforms, like YouTube, to allow only content from a small number of large companies.”

So, according to the CEO of YouTube, it’s bad when the EU blocks users from viewing content that is already live, including educational content, such as how-to’s. This poses a threat to both a person’s livelihood and ability to share their voice with the world. And yet it’s okay and acceptable for YouTube to do the very same thing themselves? Yes. Yes it is, in their eyes. Consider the recently exposed internal Google briefing titled THE GOOD CENSOR. In that 85-page briefing Google admits that they, and other tech platforms now “control the majority of online conversations” and have undertaken a “shift towards censorship” in response to unwelcome political events around the world. On pages 66-68 of that briefing they argue “that Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are caught between two incompatible positions, the ‘unmediated marketplace of ideas’ vs. ‘well-ordered spaces for safety and civility.’ The first is described as a product of the ‘American tradition’ which ‘prioritizes free speech for democracy, not civility.’ The second is described as a product of the ‘European tradition,’ which ‘favors dignity over liberty and civility over freedom.’ The briefing claims that all tech platforms are now moving toward the European tradition.”

According to Google, the “American tradition” of free speech on the Internet is no longer viable.

“Our Mission is to Give Everyone a Voice”

So, the CEO of YouTube doesn’t like the EU passing new laws dictating what’s appropriate for online content, but “The Good Sensor” of Google and YouTube get to suppress and delete content as they see fit in order to maintain “safety and civility”, even if the content is not illegal, immoral, or unethical, simply because people exercising their free speech doesn’t always favor “The Good Sensor” world view.

I addressed the lack of YouTube integrity briefly in a video I released in March:  YouTube’s “Policies on content featuring firearms” demonstrates a major violation of integrity

The following statements are still on the YouTube About Page:

Our mission is to give everyone a voice and show them the world.

We believe that everyone deserves to have a voice, and that the world is a better place when we listen, share and build community through our stories.

Our values are based on four essential freedoms that define who we are.

Freedom of Expression
We believe people should be able to speak freely, share opinions, foster open dialogue, and that creative freedom leads to new voices, formats and possibilities.

Freedom of Information
We believe everyone should have easy, open access to information and that video is a powerful force for education, building understanding, and documenting world events, big and small.

Freedom of Opportunity
We believe everyone should have a chance to be discovered, build a business and succeed on their own terms, and that people—not gatekeepers—decide what’s popular.

Freedom to Belong
We believe everyone should be able to find communities of support, break down barriers, transcend borders and come together around shared interests and passions.

No integrity.

Don’t Put All your Eggs in One Basket

We all have different motivations for making and posting our videos, but we’ve all done it in order to make that content available to other people. Content creators, please take whatever action you deem necessary, but please maintain a copy of your content and a plan for public hosting that is something beyond just YouTube.

Here are the 20 recently deleted “firearms content” videos I am tracking at the moment:

  • 314299 Shooting Channel – a video about casting with the 7/8 ounce Lee shotgun slug mold
  • Britishmuzzleloaders – a video about reloading the .303
  • TATV Canada – a video about casting with a Lee 6-cavity mold, and his video about the Svarog shotgun slug mold
  • WiederladerTv – a video about casting hollow point bullets with an MP mold
  • elvis ammo – a video about getting started in casting for $80; also had a channel strike a couple months ago for his video about creating your own black powder
  • Johnny’s Reloading Bench – at least 3 videos; the video about his AR-10 lower build, plus a couple of casting videos, one of which resulted in a channel strike
  • Thorsaxe – his Casting Russian fragmenting slugs video and a Casting with a Lee 6-cavity mold video
  • RogerRevo – “Sprue Metal Draw Down” and “Casting .50 caliber Maxi-Balls”
  • Daniel Frank Hoffman – a video on making Lyman devastator 44 Magnum bullets
  • Russell Houghton – a couple of videos
  • My 3 “teaser” videos about casting bullets

Please mention in the comments any other deleted videos you become aware of due to “content featuring firearms”. And please, content creators, don’t wait to back up all of your work and find alternate hosts for your videos.


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I think it is pretty clear that you are on “Double Secret Probation” like the boys in Animal House.

They probably found out about the Reloading Cards that were sent out.


Corporate Socialists like GOOG and FB are scum.

Thomas Pickering
Thomas Pickering

Good essay, good points. I hope another thousand TRN members take the time to read this.

Rick's Reloading Bench
Rick's Reloading Bench

I have noticed that on you tube my most recent videos are getting roughly 30% of views compared to the same videos on vimeo. Looks a little suspicious to me! I hate to say it but you tube is obviously politically slanted to the left!