500 Yard Head Shot With a Subsonic .22 LR?

I received a 500 Yard Rimfire Zombie Head challenge target from the “ZOMBIE HEAD HUNTERS” channel on YouTube several months ago. I had thought that I’d be able to attempt the challenge sometime during the summer–but life got in the way with family reunions, family vacations, etc… The Zombie Head Hunters have several zombie head challenges which usually require shooting a head-sized metal target at longer than typical distances. This particular one was the 500 yard Rimfire target.

The challenge rules for this specific challenge head are the following:
1. Target must be placed at 500 yards
2. You get 10 shots to try to hit the target
3. You must take your shots within a 5 minute time period
4. You must shoot the challenge head with a rimfire firearm

I had to carefully planned out how I was going to attempt this challenge. I knew the bullet drop of a .22 LR at 500 yards would be more than my scopes could handle. There just isn’t that much elevation adjustment built into most scopes. How much elevation adjustment would we need? Evan and I ran some numbers with our ballistic calculators with a couple different types of subsonic ammo (we chose subsonic ammo because it seems to be more predictable since it does not have to shift from supersonic to subsonic speeds). We came up with about 90+ MOA depending on the type of ammo. 90 MOA at 500 yards would mean roughly 37.5 feet of drop. To get this amount of adjustment, I needed to either shim the scope (rings), use an adjustable scope base, or figure out a different way to get that much vertical adjustment. I opted for option number two and ended up buying an adjustable scope base (Cold Shot adjustable scope base sold by Heritage Arms (https://heritage-arms.com/product-category/gun-parts/cold-shot-llc-adjustable-scope-bases/). I wanted to use a scope with high magnification and opted to use my Vortex Golden Eagle scope (F-Class 15-60×52 scope).

I decided that for ammo, I would use the Wolf Match Ammo as it has been very consistent for me in my rifle. For the rifle, I decided to use my Ruger Precision Rimfire rifle with a Liberty Kodiak TL suppressor. With this combo, I have had very good groups at 100 yards. With the Wolf Match ammo, we found that it was shooting quite a bit lower than what we had estimated with the calculator. It was shooting about 8 MOA low!

After adjusting 98 MOA up and about 4.5 MOA for wind, I was ready to start the challenge. Watch the video for the rest.

–Mister Taco

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Alaskan Ballistics
Alaskan Ballistics

A second camera at the target would have been nice… plus the camera angle o.d you shooting the long range… great video man

Zombie Head Hunters
Zombie Head Hunters

This is a very good example of equipment selection and preplanning leading to success. Well done Mr. Taco well done.