Reloading 38 Special on the Hornady LnL Progressive Press

Hornady LnL Progressive Cranking Out 38 Special

Hi all I am Mr.Revolverguy and I am a reload-a-holic. In my previous video you watched me load 6.5 Creedmoor on a single stage press, which is how I do all of my rifle rounds. Then you watched me use a Lee Classic Turret press to load up some 357 Magnum. Having an affection for revolvers I tend to shoot a bit more of the 357 which requires a press with a little more throughput. But seeing as I shoot way more 38 Special than just about anything else it was time to setup the Hornady LnL Progressive.

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Tail Gunner
Tail Gunner

Great video. Clear why LNL is so popular. Load, OAL, bullet wt?


Love the LNL…built like a tank, runs like a sewing machine…I like the different camera angles you did.

Semper Fi