Reloading 6.5 Creedmoor 108gr Lapua — Start to Finish

Reloading 6.5 Creedmoor Beginning to End with Mr.Revolverguy

Every day I see more and more people starting to reload for many different reasons. Naively, most think it is going to save them money. I have been reloading for over two decades and I too thought the exact same thing. I have come to realize and say it a bit differently after 22 years, reloading allows me to practice more than if I were buying factory and the side effect is it calms the savage beast. I find reloading to be a very relaxing hobby. Many times throughout this journey I have actually found myself loading more than I was shooting. Scrounging brass on the range just to reload it, carefully measuring and weighing factory rounds before pulling them apart in awe of the magic I would often find. If you find yourself with these same symptoms you might be a reload-a-holic, Hi I am Mr.Revolverguy and I am a reload-a-holic.

As my therapy session for the week I have decided to share with the group some of my reloading procedures and tools that have made this an absolute joy for me over the years. From day one of adventuring into this hobby of reloading, rifle brass prep was always tedious and just down right boring to me. The right tools can make this as close to enjoyable as shooting as you can possibly get. I know what my dad meant now when he would say, “Son, with the right tools and a creative mind most anything is possible.”

I do not show the reloading manuals in this video that I start every session with. I encourage anyone watching this video to never take a load from the Internet and just start loading, that is very dangerous. Remember you are not only capable of hurting yourself following that practice but also the people around you at the range. So always use safe reloading practices which starts with owning at a minimum two loading manuals. Fair warning though, you could end up like me with a bookshelf full of them and comparing loads of yesteryear to loads of today — did I mention I am Mr.Revolverguy and I am a reload-a-holic.

Are you a reload-a-holic?

Learn about Barrel Optimal Time and good tips on how to use quickload.


Tools used in this video — be sure to look around, these tools can be purchased a lot cheaper than advertised by the manufacturers website.

CTS Engineering –

Hornady Brass —!/

Lapua Scenar Bullet —

Alliant Reloader 15 Powder —

RCBS Automatic Priming Tool –

Hornady One Shot Case Wax Lube —

Hornady Digital Caliper —

Hornady Sizing Die —!/

Redding Competition Dies –

Inline Fabrication –

RCBS – RCBS Summit Press –

RCBS 5-0-5 Scale is discontinued — New replacement

RCBS Chargemaster –

Lyman Gen6 —

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Will try and contact you about your equipment, not real good at navigating slack


Great production sir


Would like to look into your case trimming equipment and see if it’s within my budget.
Great video, learned a lot. That is some great equipment, still trying to find a good powder thrower 🙂

Bigger behind the trigger
Bigger behind the trigger

You have quite the nice setup. That’s what I’m going for. I hope to have half of what you have. I’m a big fan of the Lyman turret presses. I sold all my firearms equipment when I list my dad in 2004. I made a lot of money when I was in the music industry. I did a lot of touring either in a band or doing sound for a band. I also spent most of my time in the studio so thier was no shortage of money. After that I had the good Fourtune of working in a larger… Read more »