M-28 S&W 357 Mag.

Shooting the .357 Magnum at one of my get away spots. I’ve owned this sixgun awhile but haven’t used it a lot. It is a good shooter & hope to use it some through the winter.


This bullet mold is available from some of our affiliates:

Here’s the RCBS page for this mold:  http://rcbs.com/Products/Bullet-Casting/Bullet-Moulds/Pistol/Bullet-Mould-38-158-SWC-429.aspx



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The Reloading Press
The Reloading Press

Beautiful revolver. I’ve never had an N frame but you are giving me the itch to get one. thank you

Tail Gunner
Tail Gunner

Nice. Great shooting revolver. Good loading info.

Loads of Bacon
Loads of Bacon

That sure is a beautiful revolver!