Redneck Brass Prep Center

This is a work in progress, low budget brass prep station. I hope to approximate a Frankford Arsenal Brass Prep Center ($160) at a lower cost. I already have a World’s Finest Trimmer, so I do not need that functionality of the Frankford Arsenal unit.

My primary concern is quick neck brushing, primer pocket cleaning, chamfering and deburring. My preferred primer crimp remover is the RCBS Primer Pocket Swager that does a beautiful job of removing primer crimps without removing metal like the reamer shown. It is comprised of a round electrical box cover, four 8-32 machine screws and four 8-32 sleeve nuts to accept standard 8-32 case prep accessories.

I need to determine how to make a thread adapter coupling to attach a 1/2″ drill chuck to my wet tumbler driven by a windshield wiper motor. I know HOW I want to do it, I just need to decide how to do it (precisely) without a lathe.

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Bigger behind the trigger
Bigger behind the trigger

I’m building a bench for my brass prep center. I got a counter top from the side of the road from Craigslist and cut out the sink hole and ended up with a 5′ and a 4′ sections. I’m going to use the 5 ‘ section for my tumbler and my mini chop saw for making 300 blackout brass and I’m going to use a drill with all the RCBS attachments for the primer pocket maintenance and case mouth. That will work until I can get the RCBS case station. I’m rebuilding my reloading room so it looks more professional… Read more »


What does an RCBS case prep machine cost ?