224 Valkyrie UPR-15 Hits the Mark!

Since this is for The Reloaders Network I should probably get into the technical specs for the ammo used in the video! I loaded up some 95g Sierra Matchkings over RL-17 that should produce velocities in the 2550 fps range from the 224 Valkyrie cartridge. I am still working on load development and plan to go hotter with these projectiles. Brass was from factory Federal ammo that has been 2x fired, Federal small rifle AR match primers, and loaded to a OAL of 2.260″. I zeroed the gun at 200 for this video which was the distance of the IPSC silhouette and black 14″ plate, I held 2 MOA high with my Vortex reticle for my 305 yard plate which was the white 14″ plate. The music covers the audible impacts a bit but when I switch from Right to Left handed shooting I also change from 200 to 300 yard targets which has a much different sound without music. Hope you enjoyed the details and thanks for watching!


Taking the Uintah Precision UPR-15 chambered in 224 Valkyrie out for a hike and engaging multiple targets at multiple distances.

Many companies helped make this video possible so please check them out!

Uintah Precision makes the Upper, mine is the UPR-15 model chambered in 224 Valkyrie with a 22” 1:7 twist barrel




Nexus Outdoors U mount made the selfie and scope views possible. Model used is the U-mount



3V gear supplied a pack to bring all I needed for these shots. Model featured is the Velox II



Witt Machine makes the excellent Muzzle brake featured on this rifle. featured in the video is the MRE for 22 cal rifles.




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You took the keys out of your truck and you’re the only person within a hundred miles !?!
Great video.