Reloading and Shooting the 303 British Enfield

My first time reloading for the 303 British round. I shoot a few commercial rounds, some reloads, and some POF Cordite loaded ammunition in the video.

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GunFun ZS
GunFun ZS

Informative. I’ve heard that the remington 303 brass tends to fail early due to stretching, I hope your stuff does better.

Gary Blakely
Gary Blakely

I am down to a very worn #4 MK1* Long Branch and a very nice #4 Mk2 made in 1952. I use the Lyman 314299 mold powder coated and sized .314″ for the newer gun. Since I have old eyes I only shoot at 50 yards. Since I don’t like heavy recoiling rifles I do reduced loads, my favorite powder is Trail Boss. Trail Boss can also be used with jacketed bullets for pleasant shooting, you will almost think you are shooting a .22 RF.