S&W Pre 10

I purchased this old S&W a while back. It’s a pre model 10 and was shipped in ’48 or ’49. I wish every S&W sixgun had an action like this. The little gun is all original but for the stocks which are from a later model.

In my earlier days I stayed away from the Model 10s. I didn’t like the slim barrels and fixed sights. I was into magnums being able to find a good load and adjust the sights to hit at the distance I deemed necessary.

I’m 68 now and the simple things of the past call me more and more. I’m sure glad this little sixgun came my way. I may shoot it with a round nose bullet of all things. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Do you have a fixed sight K-Frame?

S&W Pre 10 3

S&W Pre 10 5

S&W Pre 10 7

S&W Pre 10 9

S&W Pre 10 11

S&W Pre 10 13

S&W Pre 10 15


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That’s just beautiful! I wish I had been collecting since my youth. I’ve had lots of these slip through my fingers. Like you, I suppose I was preoccupied with other interests. They may not be worth much to some, but they are to me now.


Just like a fine wine and a classic automobile, nothing says Smith & Wesson like that beauty does. Thank you for sharing.


You said a mouthful brother! That is a beautiful revolver!


Wad-cutters will do that Pistol just find. Reversed Wad-cutters was the defense round for that Pistol back in the day. I know because I was there. Also we modified our K-frames with Bull Barrels and Ajustable Sites, boy did we shoot up a lot of Bowling Pins.
John Huskey