Understanding the Chemistry of Powder Coating

I stumbled across the article I mentioned in this video a while back. If anyone has had issues with not being able to get your powder coat to “stick” to your bullets, then this video may prove to be useful to you! One thing I neglected to mention in the video is to make sure you shake the excess powder off of your bullets before you bake them. The amount of static generated with this process can create a coating on your bullets that is up to .005″ thick. This will create problems when sizing your bullets, so be sure to shake off the excess powder! Any small bare spots should flash over once the powder coating becomes fluid during the baking process. I would be curious to see someone try this method with troublesome powders, such as Harbor Freight White or Yellow. Thank you for watching and please feel free to post questions or comments!


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I live in SC and I had trouble with powder sticking on my cast bullets , then I bought Eastwood powder . After that it stuck pretty good but always looking for a better way. Thanks Tinman for researching the static in different materials , that’s good stuff , and I am going to try the PVC on my next batch.
Thanks again


I have to try this. maybe putting some cut up pvc in the #5 container will work.


Though I’ve heard it a thousand times if I’ve heard it once…”Humidity is a problem!” Out here in Kalifornia we don’t suffer that problem nearly as much as you Easterners. Hence the reason I get away with the no. 5 container + air-soft BB’s and 30 seconds of shaking and still have to tap off the excess powder before baking. This is a wonderful solution and excellent research into this problem…”great work TinMan!” Videos like yours are the reason I like the ReloadersNetwork so much…’people doing the work and sharing their results with others!’ For those who don’t deal with… Read more »