A Few Shots

Been a very rainy fall this year and the first day of winter was no different. After running a few errands about town I was hankering to get out for a while.

I installed a new front sight on Barbara’s Remington 341-P & needed to take a few shots so out of town I went. The rain wouldn’t stop & became mixed with snow. I did manage to put 20 round through the rifle & 102 through my 45. Just some simple shooting. Hope you enjoy the video.

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Thomas Pickering
Thomas Pickering

You “NEEDED to take a few shots. . . ” Explain that to my wife! I didn’t WANT it, Darling, I NEEDED it, so I bought it. It fits right between my .44 and my .45 ACP; don’t you UNDERSTAND? Huh? Huh?. . . Huh?

Seems to me we’re all in the same leaky boat. Carry on; I’m with ya!