How Many Times Can You Load Browning Shells ? – We Review

In this series we review just how many times reloading shotgun hulls is too many. Did you know that Browning makes ammunition? Well we didn’t either! Join us as we explore and shoot this mysterious hull in an attempt to answer that age old question of “Hey! How many times can I load that hull” You might just learn something!

Check out our playlist for the complete list of hulls we have tried so far…
Hey, How Many Times Can You Load That Hull?

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I think this is the first time I’ve seen one of your videos…you got it all going for Ya! . . . “Just the facts Mam!” yeah…but you is humorous too and I really like that combination. The humor and the facts without getting nasty! You got it going Bud…will catch all your videos in the future even though I don’t load for the scatter gun.
PS…what does CA mean at the end of your name? If it’s California…where? I’m Northern CA near Auburn…