Top Affordable Bolt Guns? Savage Axis Review

They say you get what you pay for and that is certainly true when it comes to firearms, but sometimes you come across somethings that break the norm.
This time we review the concept of the value, budget or economy rifle. Call it what you will, these rifles will get the job done. Whether it’s defending the homestead or putting meat on the table, the key to success with any firearm is getting out there and getting familiar with your weapon system.

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Good video thank you.

243 Outdoors
243 Outdoors

I have a Savage Axis 223 I picked up at Walmart 1 year ago. $257 out the door, and with the $100 rebate that make it $157. Absolutely a tack driver. I shoot 40g Vmax on IMR4198 1/2″ at 100, and bang steel all day at 1000 with the 68g Hornady Match on Accurate 2230. It has been one of my best purchases.