Reloading .223 By A Beginner Part Four – Results!

In this video we discuss my group results from my load workups from 25.0 grains of Varget up to 26.6 grains. I wasn’t able to get any footage at the range because there was a large crowd that day. I also wasn’t aware that the chronograph I got didn’t save each individual shot for review. It only displays the number of shots, the high and low velocities, and the number of shots. I’ll just have to record this data as I’m shooting or set up a camera to record the chronograph screen. I’ve loaded up a box of 30 rounds using the recipe that has given me the best results to see how well the recipe repeats accuracy. I plan on selecting different powders to test out so that I can create more content for this series. I thank everyone for watching and for the great feedback! I hope you all have a happy new year and enjoy the small clip I added at the end of the video for some fun. God bless!

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Respectfully, shooting a few groups and choosing the smallest one isn’t the best way to develop a load for your rifle. Check out the Satterlee Load Development method. There a number of videos online about it (look at 6.5 Guys) and it currently seems to be the method that most of the reloaders that I follow have migrated to. It’s based mostly on looking for velocity plateaus with shooting groups only coming at the end after the load has been narrowed down. I’ve used the method on two precision rifles and it’s led to loads that will shoot sub MOA… Read more »

Thomas Pickering
Thomas Pickering

Keep going. I’m already behind you in reloading, and this is all useful. Thanks!