Tres Amigos 300 Blackout Subsonic Mold Testing

Tres Amigos
Tres Molds
Tres Rifles

We each sent the others a batch of cast bullets for testing in different rifles, different temperatures, and altitudes. But, all with the same loads. Here are our results.

Kyle Lusk


Uncle Jim
– With apologies to Kyle for using the wrong OAL.


Ozark Spirit


Thank you guys for all the hard work and patience with this project.


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Love the music and the movie. The shooting was OK too.

GunFun ZS
GunFun ZS

Ozark- It would be really nice if your write up here at least lists everyone’s setup and what gave them the best groups with each bullet and rifle. Thanks.

GunFun ZS
GunFun ZS

Thank you gents. That was informative and entertaining. I wish my subsonic experiments were doing so well.

GunFun ZS
GunFun ZS

You also gave me some hope. Perhaps the same bullets will shoot better with a little more stink on them. I think the others did before.