How Many Times Can You Load Rio 3 inch Hulls ? – STEEL EDITION

In this series we review just how many times reloading shotgun hulls is too many. Rio has a line of steel loads too good not to test, which is why when we saw these were available we jumped at the chance to load up! We’re here to cut through the hype and bring you the facts JACK! This time we “Didn’t Forget the Gravy” and we go till they b | 0 w up ( @LL@H @K B@ R style!)

Check out our playlist for the complete list of hulls we have tried so far…
Hey, How Many Times Can You Load That Hull?

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Pat westcovinadodge
Pat westcovinadodge

Thanks, I loved this one almost as much as the black powder.


Great video, lovin the guitar , great message at the end