Reloading – Primers – Little things that make a big difference.

In this video I go over some results that I saw using different primers in load development. I was searching for a node at a particular velocity and not getting there with the primers that I have always used, so I thought I would switch up primers to see what difference that made.

Links from video:

Vaughn Precision:

Until next time, thanks for watching and have fun outside.

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did u see the jrb vid on comparisons? the nosler and the valkerie has major brass and primer pocket problems for reloaders.


Hi ya Eric, very interesting results with those primers. I am gonna try that some day for sure. I know for a fact different brass WILL make a difference in speed. Question, your looking to get your projectile up to or past 2900 fps, but why? Isn’t accuracy the goal?
Thanks, karlb

The Reloading Press
The Reloading Press

Brass can make a significant difference if you try and use the same powder charge in multi brass manufactures. The case capacity can very quite a bit meaning more space for powder or higher possible pressures. Lots of variables for sure. Great test brother. Thank you \