Would you shoot someone else’s Reloads?

Quick Video for Josh Benware demonstrating that if you trust the person it is ok to shoot someone else’s reloads. Always practice safely we are trained tactical youtubers!

Josh’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiXXHFBJQhDqq-rodAxD5UA

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My FIRST reloads weren’t safe. So I know that is a possibility. There has only been one time I’ve shot someone else’s reloads; it was during a primer drought, and I was out of components, so I bought a couple of bags of .38 specials at a gun show. I quickly discovered that some of them didn’t have any powder. Fortunately, because I had done it on my own reloads, I knew what a squib round felt like, and didn’t try to send a second with the bullet lodged in the barrel. I took the rest of the rounds I… Read more »


Great topic for a video, Sir. I’ve seen some crazy shift at the range when it comes to some guys and their reloads..